Bespoke 360 Reviews

We offer Bespoke 360 work, typically in combination with individual executive coaching. The Bespoke 360 Review is based on a series of telephone conversations which Ridler & Co holds with the client’s stakeholders.

Over recent years Ridler & Co has seen a trend among its CEO, board director and senior leader clients to request a Bespoke 360.

It is widely accepted that the more senior the leader, the less likely they are to receive accurate feedback from their colleagues and direct reports. When they do actively seek feedback Ridler & Co has found that they value the more in-depth feedback on specific areas of interest that a Bespoke 360 can offer, compared to on-line 360 exercises.

The Bespoke 360 is based entirely on qualitative feedback.

Ridler & Co has developed a proprietary process for carrying out Bespoke 360s for senior business leaders. The process includes the following key features:

  • The Bespoke 360 starts with a set of carefully tailored open questions which are developed and agreed between the coach and the individual. The questions are designed to elicit feedback on the leadership themes which are of most relevance and importance to the individual’s development within their organisational role.
  • The questions are asked in thirty minute telephone interviews conducted by the coach, with typically eight to twelve interviewees. In these telephone calls the coach is able to probe and clarify the meaning of responses, eliminating any ambiguity. Telephone calls are convenient for interviewees and the resulting feedback is both open and spontaneous.
  • The feedback from telephone interviews is written up in a report using the exact words which interviewees used. Such verbatim feedback is invaluable because it conveys clearly all the nuances of the feedback.
  •  The 360 report may easily be thirty pages or more in length. It is comprehensive, detailed, well structured and easy for the individual to navigate. It contains a breadth and subtlety of perspectives which is difficult to achieve in an on-line 360.
  • Robust contracting with interviewees and the recipient of the feedback is key to building confidence in all those involved with the Bespoke 360 process. This is a complex process where Ridler & Co’s extensive experience is brought to bear.
  • Feedback in the 360 report is presented in such a way that it cannot be traced to specific interviewees. In addition, the 360 report is only given to the individual client – no one else in the company is allowed access to the 360 report (though the client is encouraged to share themes with their colleagues, where appropriate).