the 6th Ridler Report



The 6th Ridler Report is an enlarged and more sophisticated piece of writing than previous editions of the Ridler Report. We believe it is by some way the most comprehensive Ridler Report so far, in terms of the usefulness of the data, analysis and case studies.

If you are considering purchasing the 6th Ridler Report and would like to download a sample of the content to get a feel for the Report you can click on the links below to access one of the case studies (the Internal Coaching case study) and one of the full sections of the Report (the supervision section).

Internal Coaching case study from the 6th Ridler Report
Supervision section of the 6th Ridler Report

‘The Ridler Report is the world’s leading source of insight into current and future trends in executive coaching. I find that the report is a perfect mix of research and practice. The report’s survey data highlights strategic trends in the use of executive coaching and practical case examples bring this data to life. I recommend the Ridler Report as a must read for senior learning and development and talent professionals around the world.’

Doug Ready, President, ICEDR (International Consortium for Executive Development Research)

The Ridler Report analyses strategic trends in the use of coaching, using data exclusively from organisational sponsors of coaching (rather than external coaching providers). It is an internationally reputed research project which is widely recognised for its influence in shaping the future direction of coaching in organisations.

The Ridler Report research programme is led by Ridler & Co, the London-based executive coaching practice.

105 blue chip organisations completed the survey for the 6th Ridler Report, including Accenture, Allen & Overy, Baker & McKenzie. BBC, Bloomberg, BNP Paribas, Cancer Research, CBRE, Clifford Chance, Coca Cola Icecek, Deloitte, E.ON, Euroclear, EY, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, GlaxoSmithKline, Grant Thornton, Hogan Lovells, Home Office, John Lewis Partnership, Johnson Matthey, KPMG, Linklaters, Lloyds Banking Group, Manpower, Marks & Spencer, Microsoft, Nestlé, Network Rail, News UK, NHS, PwC, Qantas, RBS, RSM, Santander, Save the Children, ScottishPower, Société Générale, Standard Chartered Bank and TNT.

‘The Ridler Report is the voice of organisational sponsors of coaching and provides an invaluable guide to the evolving pattern of coaching practice in large organisations.’

Professor David Megginson, Joint Founder and Ambassador, European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

What makes the Ridler Report distinctive is its:

  • Focus on analysing data from sponsors of coaching in leading organisations. The Ridler Report is (as far as we know) the only ongoing coaching research programme in Europe which reports data and views exclusively from organisations using coaching (not from external coaches or coach training organisations).
  • High quality and insightful analysis. The Report is researched by experienced coaching specialists. We have been learning how to carry out this kind of research since 2007 and our mission is to improve continually and relentlessly the research output.
  • The clarity with which its findings are presented. The report is written in plain jargon-free English, making it easy for busy executives to understand its key conclusions quickly.
  • Revealing case studies which are carefully selected to illustrate best practice and innovative uses of coaching

‘Take the best that exists and make it better.’

Sir Henry Royce, Founder of Rolls-Royce

Ridler & Co has invested heavily in the Ridler Report, aiming to strengthen further the research’s position as an indispensable global resource for organisational sponsors of coaching and for the broader coaching profession.

Examples of the way Ridler & Co has invested in the report include:

  • Expanding the scale of the research to include a much larger number of questions in the survey and more case studies (there are 7 case studies in the 6th Ridler Report)
  • Committing an increasing proportion of Ridler & Co’s directors’ time to the Ridler Report
  • Employing a dedicated project manager
  • Investing in the report’s IT infrastructure to give greater functionality and introduce the flexibility to analyse the data across a number of dimensions such as sector and country
  • Expanding the scope of the research methodology to include four focus groups

The latest Ridler Report is the 6th edition and the second time Ridler & Co has worked in collaboration with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council UK, one of the leading professional coaching bodies.

Clive Mann, Managing Director of Ridler & Co, wrote the 6th Ridler Report and led the research as the Chairman of the Ridler Report Executive Board.

The 6th Ridler Report is sponsored by E.ON UK (headline sponsor) and the sponsors of the four core research themes (coaching evaluation, setting up coaching for success in organisations, team coaching and internal coaching) GSK, Hogan Lovells, Network Rail and News UK respectively. We are very grateful indeed to these organisations for their support.

Professor David Gray of University of Greenwich, a leading international expert in research methodology and author of the highly respected book ‘Doing Research in the Real World’, provided consultancy advice to the Ridler Report Executive Board on the report’s research methodology, to ensure continuing high levels of rigour in the research methodology used, at the same time as expanding the range of research methods to include the use of focus groups.

The research coverage of the 6th Ridler Report includes the following areas:

  • Coaching evaluation
  • Setting up coaching for success
  • Team coaching
  • Internal coaching
  • Definition of coaching
  • Perceptions of executive coaching
  • Accreditation of coaches
  • Chemistry meetings
  • Supervision
  • Group coaching
  • Coaching culture
  • The organisation’s role in coaching assignments
  • Coachee objectives
  • External coaching fee levels
  • Coaching via remote delivery channels.

The 6th Ridler Report includes a comprehensive analysis of the survey data as well as seven case studies illustrating innovative and best practice use of coaching in leading organisations, as follows:

  • CBRE : choice of external coaching for its senior leaders
  • Civil Service : best practice in the use of coaching supervision
  • EON : an innovative approach to evaluation of coaching
  • Rentokil Initial : use of group coaching to introduce a coaching style of leadership
  • Standard Chartered : why they are investing in remote coaching
  • Big Four accountancy firms : Advice to organisations considering expanding their use of internal coaching
  • Team coaching : interview with a board member in an industrial conglomerate, who commissioned team coaching

In order to finance the increasing scale of the 6th Ridler Report, there is a charge per copy for the 6th Ridler Report, as follows:

  • Academic institutions: £75 + VAT
  • Charities: £35 + VAT
  • Commercial organisations (including coaching and coach training providers with multiple coaches): £325 + VAT for the first copy, then £75 + VAT for each subsequent copy
  • Independent coaching professionals (including practising coaches, consultants, trainers, supervisors, and students who work in sole practices): £75 + VAT
  • Private individuals (not professionally involved in coaching): £75 + VAT
  • Public sector organisations: £75 + VAT

Significant discounts are available for single purchases by the same organisation / individual of more than 6 copies of the report. If you wish to purchase more than 6 copies of the report, please contact and we will be pleased to provide details of the discounts available.

The terms and conditions for the purchase of the 6th Ridler Report specify, among other things, that :

  • A separate copy of the report must be purchased for every individual who wishes to read the report within each organisation.
  • The report will have the name of the purchaser and their organisation name on it, in an electronic ‘watermark’.

If you have any enquiries about the Ridler Report – please contact or call +44 20 7112 6750.