What Makes Us Different

Ridler & Co’s mission is to help senior leaders to build the connection between who they are, what they do and the results they deliver.

Bringing together the individual’s personal credo (“who I am”) with their business role (“what I do”) enhances their performance and powerfully connects their contribution (“what I deliver”) with their organisation’s success.

We believe the process of creating and sustaining personal alignment in this way is vitally important for leaders – it builds their capacity to deliver great results for their organisations while simultaneously developing their own career success.

Our Clients

Our clients are senior leaders who have responsibility for determining the future direction of their organisations, for delivering significant business results and for leading organisational change. They are typically CEOs, directors, senior executives and functional leaders of private and public sector organisations and partners in professional services firms who have proven themselves in their careers and are anticipating significant further career development in their organisations. We also work with their teams.

We often coach senior leaders who are experiencing a career transition, for example having recently experienced a setback in their careers.

Sometimes we will work with younger executives who are showing strong potential to be future senior leaders / board members.

Our Values

Ridler & Co has four core values which underpin the way we do business:

  1. Excellence – we deliver the highest standards of quality and professionalism in our coaching work and client service.
  2. Integrity – we always act with impeccable ethics and integrity in our professional coaching work and our business dealings.
  3. We are committed to a continual process of learning and personal / professional development.
  4. Teamwork – we are a team and we go the extra mile together in service of our clients and each other.