Bespoke Executive Coaching

Bespoke Executive Coaching based in Mayfair W1.  Our core activity is bespoke one to one executive coaching for senior business leaders, across a range of industry sectors.

Executive Coaching Clients

Our executive coaching clients are typically CEOs, directors, senior executives and functional leaders of large private and public sector organisations and partners in professional services firms.

Our clients have responsibility for determining the future direction of their organisations, for delivering significant business results and for leading organisational change.

Typical situations where Ridler & Co is engaged include the following:

  • Preparation of top talent for main board appointment
  • Business and functional leaders who are new in role, often having just received a significant promotion
  • Leaders who have been recently recruited into their organisations
  • Senior leaders who are experiencing career transitions
  • Leaders of major organisational transformation and change.
  • CEOs and main board directors who are looking for a confidential, business-focused sounding board

Our Approach to Executive Coaching

The essence of the Ridler & Co coaching approach is about our clients understanding, becoming and using more of themselves as leaders rather than constantly trying to be ‘better’ or ‘different’. We regard executive coaching as a rewarding and enjoyable element of work, for senior executives – not a remedial exercise.

We provide our clients with the opportunity and space to stand back, to reflect on their challenges and unique leadership contribution and work out how to leverage their capabilities to the best effect. This results in a more powerful engagement with their work which goes further than being just a ‘better performance’ – we facilitate in our clients more genuine and powerful expression of self at work, which brings about higher performance.

The Ridler & Co approach addresses how leaders can discover and mobilise the full range of their personal motivations, talents and interests, and those of their colleagues, in the service of their individual and organisational goals.

We want our clients to be the best they can be and we work with them to look afresh at the challenges they face and help them towards practical and relevant solutions. We support them in the implementation of personal and organisational changes which deliver important results for their organisations.

We do not ‘advise’ or ‘tell’ but we listen and consult, using our business experience to understand our clients’ context and our expertise in coaching and psychology to ask the right questions to guide our clients towards the right way to proceed. Our skill is in drawing out our clients’ strengths and in bringing to the surface issues which are holding our clients back.

Our coaching assignments usually last between six and eighteen months – this is typically enough time to plan and implement change.

Ridler & Co’s coaches are professionally trained to identify and work with client issues without themselves getting caught up in their clients’ problems and spreading destructive behaviour further.

External, independent and professionally skilled coaching supervision is intrinsic to the Ridler & Co way of working. This underpins the quality, objectivity and professionalism of our coaching.