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Ridler & Co is committed to understanding and sharing with the market place the evolving needs of sponsors of executive coaching. One of the main ways we do this is through the biennial Ridler Report.

The Ridler Report is an internationally reputed research project which started in 2007, analysing strategic trends in the use of senior level executive coaching from the perspective of corporate users and commissioners of executive coaching.


The Ridler Report 2013 was released in mid-May to all participating organisations. This fifth in the series of biennial Ridler Reports uses data and interviews exclusively from organisational sponsors of coaching.

The Ridler Report 2013 research was carried out by Ridler & Co in collaboration with EMCC UK – European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

145 well-known organisations (including Allen & Overy, Barclays, BBC, Boeing, Deutsche Bank, Maersk Line, News International, NHS, PricewaterhouseCoopers, RWE npower, Save the Children and Siemens) have completed questionnaires for the report. This substantial sample gives credibility to the trends highlighted in the report.

The report shows how far the field of coaching has moved in the last five years and shines a light on future directions

The Ridler Report is distinctive in comparison with other executive coaching surveys because:

  • It focuses exclusively on executive coaching, as used in commercial organisations.
  • It articulates the practices and views of users of executive coaching, rather than coaches themselves.

For further information on the Ridler Report please email Laura Taylor on: laura.taylor@ridlerandco.com