‘We want coaching’ say high-fliers

Financial Times, 10 October 2013, by Maxine Boersma

‘Reasons for engaging a coach are diverse. A report by Ridler, an executive coaching practice, in collaboration with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, says most respondents to its survey use coaching to support an individual’s transition after an internal promotion (59 per cent of respondents).

Others use it to support new senior appointments from outside the organisation (34 per cent) or to address underperformance – 31 per cent of organisations surveyed used it “often” or “very often” for this purpose.

As well as finding an increased appetite for external coaching, the report says 79 per cent of organisations surveyed expect a rise in internal coaching over the next three years. Internal coaching is seen as a means of supporting the development of a coaching culture, and encouraging managers to use a “coaching” style in leading their teams and influencing others.

Internal coaches are often viewed as having a deep understanding of the organisation’s business context and political environment.

Another growing trend is “team coaching”. Only 5 per cent of Ridler Report respondents say they have no plans to introduce team coaching in the next three years. It aims to make teams more collaborative and is used in high-performing teams going through change that need to achieve peak performance quickly.’

To access the full article click here ‘We Want Coaching’ say high-fliers by Maxine Boersma FT 10 Oct 2013

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