Team Coaching at KPMG – April 2014

Ridler & Co hosted a workshop on Team Coaching led by Louise Buckle from KPMG on 8th April 2014 at 42 Berkeley Square. Louise is a Lead Coach in KPMG UK where, as part of a team of 7 in-house coaches, she coaches senior leaders and their teams as well as providing expert guidance on the coaching components of Advisory consulting offers. Louise has spearheaded the team coaching work at KPMG and joined us to share the insights gathered along the way, lessons learnt and the new experiments underway. In her presentation Louise explored: 

  • the triggers for team coaching
  • how to engage leaders in the idea of team coaching
  • how important it is to be systemic
  • how to avoid treading on others toes
  • how to gain commitment to team coaching from the team
  • how to engage external coaches in team coaching
  • how to make team coaching simple
  • what you actually do in team coaching…

This workshop was designed for senior organisational sponsors of coaching who wish to learn more about team coaching.

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