Coaching and Mentoring in the Civil Service – MARCH 2014

Dr James Pritchard presented Civil Service Learning’s (CSL) innovative self-service approach to the provision of coaching and mentoring to over 470,000 Civil Servants on 5th March 2014 at 42 Berkeley Square.

James’s presentation covered the following areas :

• The relevance of coaching and mentoring to Civil Service transformation

• CSL’s coach selection process

• How users of coaching and mentoring are helped to find the right coaches and mentors

• The way internal and external coaching are combined

• CSL’s coaching evaluation approach, using a robust Kirkpatrick methodology

• CSL’s use of team coaching

This workshop was designed for senior organisational sponsors of coaching (workshop participants will be exclusively from this group) who wish to learn more about coaching approaches to working relationships with colleagues and clients.

Dr James Pritchard has lead responsibility for CSL’s coaching and mentoring offering. He joined the Civil Service in 2009 as Programme Director for the National School of Government, following twenty years’ independent experience as an executive coach and organisational development consultant.

James’s professional career started in the oil industry where his roles ranged from building cross-country pipelines to strategic planning and representing Exxon on worldwide lubricant quality forums. His interest in coaching arose from an earlier background where he competed at international level.

James is co-author of an Oxford University Press workbook on teamwork for Primary and Shared Care. He is a qualified Iyengar yoga teacher and is engaged in research at Oxford Brookes University on ‘Coaching for Mindful Action’, applying yoga philosophy and practice to leadership coaching.


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